Radio Key West Coasters


You too can be a part of Radio Key West. Coasters are a great way to get you or your business out there. Shown are Series ll. (Series l were a blast)! Radio Key West is heard Nation & Worldwide. Please contact Radio Key West directly if you would like to be on the back of our Coasters. The fee is yearly and quite affordable... Considering a Commercial is 30-90 seconds and these are yearly?  

***Fees based on design and location on the Coaster. 

Stay tuned for additional Merchandise options, coming soon!!!


Enjoy Commercial Free Music?  Sponsorship. What a great way to keep a station commercial free! It's a win-win for the Station & Sponsor. Sponsors can contribute in many ways. Concert Tickets, CD's, Give Aways, and really.... etc., etc. Most sponsors choose a 30 second promo. ("This hour of Music is Sponsored by"). Followed by some contact information or tag line. Much more affordable than a Commercial. And. lots of fun for the listener. Unoffensive is key. For further information on Sponsorship feel free to contact Radio Key West within or at:  You'll be glad you did!