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Experience the vibrant and diverse music scene of Key West and the Florida Keys with Radio Key West. We are dedicated to bringing you 24/7 commercial-free music that captures the spirit of this tropical paradise.

About us

Radio Key West, a popular US radio station. It offers commercial-free music that reflects Key West’s vibrant music culture, appealing to music enthusiasts worldwide. This is a radio station that offers a unique blend of popular music genres. It perfectly captures the essence of Key West’s rich cultural tapestry. It provides a musical escape for listeners. Mostly plays a wide variety of Genres. Offering an experience amidst the lively tunes of eclectic beats of global artists. If you’re looking for a way to relax and enjoy the sounds of Key West, then Radio Key West is the perfect place for you.

Email: radiokeywestrocks@gmail.com


Facebook: RadioKW21

Radio Key West is a passion project founded by a music enthusiast who fell in love with the vibrant music scene of Key West and the Florida Keys. Our mission is to share this love with the world.

Listeners 48,748   *(Monthly total Jan. 2024)

Listeners 55,239   *(Monthly total Feb. 2024)

Listeners 68,871   *(Monthly total March. 2024)

Too many to count! (April 2024)



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Radio Key West
Key West, Florida, United States